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    In Memory

    Major Eric Reed, AUS-Retired of Port Charlotte, Florida passed away Friday, February 19, 2010 at Peace River Regional Medical Center, Port Charlotte, Florida. He was born February 5, 1947 in Pittsburgh, PA and after graduation he enlisted in the Army. He served in Viet Nam from 1966-1968 where he was in Special Forces . He was awarded a Silver Star,Bronze Star for Valor, Purple Heart 2nd award for his actions.

    After returning to civilian life, Eric became a fireman in Findlay, Ohio and joined the Army Reserves. .
    He was a founding member of the Florida Military Heritage Museum and a life member and founder of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 759, A past president of the Military Officers Association and of the Knights of Columbus at St. Charles C Borromeo.

    MOPH759FL, you will be missed by this family.
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