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Thread: Bersa 9mm Thunder UC Pro CCW

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    Re: Bersa 9mm Thunder UC Pro CCW

    You need some big pockets. Standard pants/jeans, I think you would have a tough time drawing the weapon. Consider appendix carry if you like pocket carry.

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    Re: Bersa 9mm Thunder UC Pro CCW

    Mine is always OWB in a UBG Regulator, covered with a shirt tail.......... and always one in the chamber, safety/decocker OFF.
    Too big to pocket- at least for me.
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    Re: Bersa 9mm Thunder UC Pro CCW

    With really big pockets, maybe. Fishing a pistol out of a pocket with 2 fingers doesn't appeal to me as a proper draw. Even the Thunder CC gives me that problem in the pockets of my jeans/pants. I bought a PF9 Keltec, then a Sig P238 for when I might need a pocket carry. The Keltec goes in easy enough, but coming out is another matter,

    The P238 works, but I realized I don't like pocket carry, so have yet to carry it that way. IMO, pocket carry is a last resort when no other style of carry is possible. Since Texas adopted open carry, dropping the penalty for accidental exposure, I doubt that'll ever happen for me.
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    Re: Bersa 9mm Thunder UC Pro CCW

    When I had and carried my Firestorm Mini 40 it would be chambered/hammer down/safety off.
    I never had an issue. The double action pull made it just like carrying a fully loaded revolver.
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