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Thread: California

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    Re: California

    Thank you for the welcome. Yep the PRC (Peoples Republic of California) folks in Sacramento have really stuck it to us when it comes to pistols and the Approved Handgun List by the DOJ.
    I looked over a lot of pistols in the .380/9mm/40 S&W calibers. Sig makes a nice .380, but the only model available to California citizens is their stainless model which is too heavy without ammunition and expensive. Read and saw a lot of reviews on-line and the Firestorm came out as the winner. I have an Bianchi otw holster.
    If I could have any other concealed carry weapon, I would pick the new release of the Colt Cobra in 38 special. It's beautiful, but unavailable as Colt won't sell firearms into California.

    I look forward to reading posts from fellow Firestorm users.

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    Re: California

    Quote Originally Posted by 1Trojan74 View Post
    Hello...Anybody home? I just joined the BersaChat Forum. I purchased a Bersa-made Firestorm 3 months ago as my concealed carry weapon.
    It is a very serviceable weapon, great price and reliable. I did purchase the Magula Thunder magazines as the follower is metal while the Firestorm's is plastic.
    I did have feeding problems (double feed) with the plastic followers. Since I swapped it out, the pistol functions perfectly.

    I intend to purchase Crimson Trace Laser grip, even though I will lose the molded finger grips that are standard on the original grips.
    Hello and welcome from Indiana!

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