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Thread: Cold Steel Knife, Safe Closing

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    Cold Steel Knife, Safe Closing

    Our late founder Michael T. turned me onto this super sharp light weight knife. It's a Cold Steel copy of a famous South African Design.

    Many Bersa Chatters have this knife and many including MT learned the hard way and cut themselves trying to close this knife.

    Here is a video tutorial on just how to do it safely.

    Also a demo of the opening speed of the Rajah III

    Yes, that is my smartphone in the background controlling the camera functions of the GoPro4. Video shot in Narrow view.


    In memory of our Founder, Michael T. June 15, 1946 - February 26, 2017

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    Re: Cold Steel Knife, Safe Closing

    Just wanted to share a little mod I did to my Kudu knives to quiet them down. I replaced the keyring with a paracord loop. The method of closing remains the same as RC describes in his video. You are just placing a finger inside the paracord loop vs. a keyring. The knife if a lot more quiet and can still be clipped to a carabiner if needed.

    I changed the sharpening angle to 38 degrees (19 dps) vs. the original 25 degrees on my kudus for longevity of the edge. I follow up with a good stropping on a piece of leather.

    In memory of our Founder, Michael T. June 15, 1946 - February 26, 2017.

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    Re: Cold Steel Knife, Safe Closing

    I've been thinking about getting one of these. Thanks for the video!

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    Re: Cold Steel Knife, Safe Closing

    To add to the tutorial, NEVER cut towards yourself. My youngest son received one of these as a gift from Dear Old Dad . I almost regretted it when he came to me in the yard squirting blood from his leg. Trying to open a box he somehow stabbed himself in the thigh and got a few stitches for it. Did I mention Cold Steel sometimes like to practice on their owners and are SHARP!
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