Regarding the PD10 -10 round capacity is definitely interesting, especially with a 4" barrel. I looked up the weight, width, etc. I EDC a Ruger SR9c, the PD10 is just a bit lighter, but the Ruger is a little skinnier. The Ruger has 10 and 17 round mag capacity options though, 3.5" barrel. For me, the PD10 looks like it could be a great option if I were looking, but my Ruger gives me everything the PD10 would, plus more.

I've been thinking about the Canik TP9's. I fondled one at a LGS but haven't fired any of them. Also debating trying out one of the Tristar CZ clones. I have an EAA Witness (Tanfoglio), I like it overall but it shoots a little low and right, and the sights are not adjustable, they're just milled into the slide. Am thinking about selling it and trying something else. Maybe something that has readily available aftermarket threaded barrels so I can put a can on it. And have it not be a Glock.

I've also thought about seeing if a gun smith could cut the slide on the Witness and put new sights on it. Overall, I really like the pistol - oh the many options. It's leading to paralysis by overanalysis!!