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    Re: CZ

    mines such a cream puff i hope i never find out!

    for some reason i thought it was an 82 but i looked up 82 & 83 online and it came back that 82's are the military service model and 83's are commercial, after i posted the pic i see right on the slide it's an 82 in 32NAA ... ?

    i tried to contact CZ for any info / literature on the model / chambering but no reply

    quite a few make-overs on GB, some interesting, lots of candidates for make-overs too

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    Re: CZ

    If you haven’t looked around at cajun gun works your missing out I have put Cajuns trigger/action kits in 3 czs rami , 75 compact and sp01 and they have some of the best triggers of any semi autos I have fired.
    Good stuff , although from the looks of your target you don’t need any help.
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