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Thread: Speer Plastic Bullets

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    Speer Plastic Bullets

    Anyone ever use the Speer plastic buckets for practice? I don’t think I would shoot in my garage, but I have a big area of desert close to me that isn’t safe for real shooting, but considering trying some of these for revolver work

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    Re: Speer Plastic Bullets

    Yes John, my dad introduced me to these about 50 years ago. Not super accurate but a lot of fun and good practice for trigger control and pistol familiarity. I've used them in the den shooting into a cardboard box padded with a folded towel in the back to catch them. They will dent if they hit a hard surface, but I've still got some from 50 years ago. You could shoot them in the garage no problem, they don't make any more noise than a air brad/nail gun. I use them occasionally to function fire when working on .38 revolvers.
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    Re: Speer Plastic Bullets

    Half a mile of drop at 5 yards, and could still go through the first plywood wall of a hollow door.Be careful with the cases, it's easy to strip a rim with your shell holder during priming.Fast Draw shooters will make molds with a drill bit and pour hot glue to "cast" their bullets. Use regular cases with the primer vent hole drilled out, or you primers will back up and jam the gun.I even found one coming out of a LEE mold and made from that foul smelling black car sealant. That guy must have been patient as I remember that thing taking a long time to solidify; but the result feels like rubber.


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