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Thread: Tips on buying used guns

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    Tips on buying used guns

    As mentioned on another thread, I just got a nice lesson from a gun smith on what to look for in a used gun. I am going to try and avoid staying the obvious.

    I own about 20 guns including two Bersas. I own revolvers and semi autos. I consider myself pretty experienced shooter and owner but by no means not a pro.


    - it’s ok to buy a gun with issues. But it’s best to know those issues and to make sure the price is in line with condition.

    - Most guns have never been fired anywhere near close to their expected life.

    - differentiate holster wear from use. Carried guns will often appear more worn and it may only be appearance.

    - inspect bore. I use a $30 boroscope. Inspect riffling and look for pits. If dirty, clean it.

    - check entire gun for cracks and pits and rust.

    - ask to remove grips. Inspect for rust.

    - look for scratches on screws...this is a sure sign someone worked on th gun that’s clueless. Pass on any gun like this unless it’s cheap.

    - on a wheel gun, closely inspect forcing cone for wear. This will tell you how much it has been fired. Check cylinder lock up.

    - check entire gun for fit.

    I know there is more, but after I buy, I often have my smith inspect and adjust. Usually charges me 20 bucks.

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    Re: Tips on buying used guns

    Great write-up!
    I've only somewhat recently got into pistols. Only got my carry permit at the same time I applied for my marriage license, about 5-1\2 years ago.
    I've since purchase 3 Bersa 380's and two 22's (S&W 22A & M&P22) as well as traded a rifle/sword combo for a Walther P22 & Glock33 357sig.
    The S&W's were the only two purchased new. The rest were all used. Not knowing a whole lot about pistols at the time, compared to what I'm still learning now, I feel kinda lucky that all of them function properly.
    It might have helped that of all the used pistols, only one of the Bersa's were from someone I didn't know any more than some guy named Bob from some city in Northern Oklahoma (or was it some girl named Pam from some town in upstate NY?)
    Anywho.... Thanks again for the tips.

    Sent from where ever I was when I sent it.
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    Re: Tips on buying used guns

    Thanks WaterDR,

    Regarding wheel guns, what is the "forcing cone"? I'm embarrassed that after many years of pistil/revolver ownership I'm just now getting into nomenclature.

    Okay disregard. I just Googled the term and got a perfect answer complete with pictures.
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    Re: Tips on buying used guns

    Go google!

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    Re: Tips on buying used guns

    Great write up!


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