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Thread: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

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    Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    Please forgive me for I am completely new but have been searching for quite some time and accepted it may just be a part of the guns functioning but now after watching videos again I know itís not.

    The issue: when the safety is engaged and I rack the weapon but donít let go of slide fast, it gets stuck with approximately a centimeter of barrel showing and then either I have to rack the slide again fast and itíll go fully forward or pull the slide forward rest of way over whatever itís hitched on.

    Any advice or is this normal due to the lack of full momentum of slide

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    Re: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    It's pretty normal. I'm assuming we're talking about a BT380? It will loosen up with use if it's new. The disconnector plunger and the decocker are probably still a little stiff.
    Also, there's no good reason to not let the slide fly into battery. That's it's normal, riding it down slow is not.

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    Re: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    Welcome to Bersa Chat Bng005. Main concern would be how it operates at the range. You can't manually operate the slide as fast or with as much force as when shooting it. When you chamber that first round, just be sure you pull the slide all the way back & let it go. As PHM says, not good to do this without a round to be chambered. 'Course, won't hurt to clean & lube it again, just in case you missed some of that goo that that comes on them. It is not a lubricant. Also make sure the recoil spring is on the correct way so it doesn't bind on itself. Small end goes on first, toward the breech & the cut at the other end goes at 12:00.
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    Re: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    I've just been doing a bit of function testing here and found that the slide does not like to go rearward w/o the trigger being depressed. the magazine safety is also a PITA. for test cycling purposes I removed the magazine base plate and the spring & follower so I could use the magazine body to trip the mag safety w/o engaging the slide stop every time I cycle the action to reset the trigger. you may need to replace the mag base onto the mag body for a single stack i'm not sure, I was working on a Plus model.

    in normal operation the trigger is depressed when the slide goes back. there's a little doohickey guy that rides along the bottom edge of the slide, when the trigger is depressed there's less or no pressure from the disconnector riding the slide so the slide moves much nicer. at first during function testing I was getting confused by the fire control mech binding & acting wonky until I made a point to emulate normal operation. with my gutted test mag in place to trip the internal mag safety, simulating a loaded magazine that won't stop the slide from traveling forward, rack the slide as if to strip a 'virtual' round from the magazine and load the chamber. now if you were to pull the trigger and dry fire (snap caps in a functional mag are an option, or ease the hammer forward with your thumb) the hammer will fall ... HOLD THE TRIGGER DEPRESSED UNTIL YOU MANUALLY CYCLE THE SLIDE !

    now let the trigger travel forward until you feel the trigger reset. the action is in the single action mode and ready to fire the 2nd virtual shot. take the shot and hold the trigger depressed again until you manually cycle the slide simulating normal operation. ease the trigger forward for the reset. decock if you like, or manually thumb the hammer down by holding the hammer with your thumb, pulling the trigger and easing the hammer to rest. practice safe handling by pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, believe it or not that's all they had not all that long ago

    but anyway IMO the mechanism just doesn't like running the slide forward with the trigger not depressed. I have a strong feeling that the basket case project I picked up recently is a victim of 'other than normal' operation TV time dry firing / cycling and the fire control either got boloxed up or the previous owner tried to correct the wonky behavior himself. I replaced a bunch of parts and the mechanism functions happily while simulating normal operation

    no not all guns act this way but these do

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    Re: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    All good tips. Point is this: Do NOT ride the slide into battery.

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    Re: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    Perhaps I read this wrong?....but my question would be .....'what is the reason for engaging the safety before racking the slide? Mine does this also if I engage the safety before I rack the slide.
    I just do not understand why anyone would "need" to engage the safety before racking the slide. If its to load in a safe manner?.... just load it and hit the de-cocker.
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    Re: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    Thank you everyone! I definitely see where each of your advices come from and realized my true issue was riding the slide which I didn’t initially realize was an issue when I wasn’t loading a round into the chamber but it’s definitely the cause.

    Thank you again

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    Re: Slide getting stuck when safety engaged

    I'm not sure if I completely understand the original post or a couple of the replies, so please cut me a bit of slack if I have misunderstood something.

    First off, why would you want to rack the slide with the safety engaged/on? That is not how the pistol is supposed to work. When you shoot the pistol, the safety must be off or it shouldn't fire. The slide should not be eased forward; it's not designed for that. Let the slide slam forward freely - that's how it works when you fire it and the way it was intended to work.

    If I understand the post with the statement "HOLD THE TRIGGER DEPRESSED UNTIL YOU MANUALLY CYCLE THE SLIDE !", that can be a very dangerous thing to do! I understand the author is talking about doing this in practice mode, but it just seems to be an unsafe habit to develop. With the trigger pulled back, the firing pin safety is NOT engaged and you could well have an unintentional discharge (UD) if something goes sideways. Of course the trigger is pulled back when you fire the pistol, but in that case, you're not manually cycling it anyway and it shouldn't be any great problem if you had an UD in that circumstance, but it would definitely need to be repaired.

    Please feel free to call or email me if you'd like to discus/explain any of these points.
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