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Thread: American Classic Quality (?)

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    American Classic Quality (?)

    Just received a replacment AC Commander. Take a look at these pics. Quality sure is not what I expected.

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    Re: American Classic Quality (?)

    Welcome Rollie, but I'm not sure what you are after. To me, the question is how it shoots.
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    Re: American Classic Quality (?)

    I’ve had a Commander for a few years. Never had a hiccup with it.

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    Re: American Classic Quality (?)

    made in the Phillipines, internal tool marks?

    that's the difference between something made by an outfit like https://www.guncrafterindustries.com/1911models/

    FWIW all US made 1911's had internal tool marks until mfg'ing processes advanced to investment cast receivers & parts

    who's got a Kimber, what do they look like inside? just found this, https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=15924

    those tool marks may just be the look of quality?

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    Re: American Classic Quality (?)

    It looks horrible, send it to me and I will make sure it is destroyed properly...


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