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Thread: To dispose of my 383 DA or not to ...

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    Question To dispose of my 383 DA or not to ...

    I purchased a used Bersa 383DA and discovered that while firing at the range, it would eject the magazine after firing a round down range. I took it to a local gunsmith who removed the magazine safety and solved that problem. Then I took it back to the range and now I have numerous mis-feeds with different brands of ammo. Also the safety latch broke and the gun smith welded it back together. I am now thinking if I send this gun to a Bersa gunsmith to restore this gun to original working order, my money would be better spent just getting a Thunder 380 and disposing of the 383. Any thoughts out there? The 383 is extremely accurate with the right ammo.

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    Re: To dispose of my 383 DA or not to ...

    The new Thunders are also accurate. As to getting a new Thunder, $$ wise, it makes sense. IMO, only reason to sink more money into an obsolete pistol with problems, is for sentimental reasons, such as inherited from a relative, etc.

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    Re: To dispose of my 383 DA or not to ...

    I second the motion above..... I have 2 of the Plus models, 2 of the Thunder CC models, and one standard T 380. They all shoot great.
    Only persisting issue I have is that one of my CC's will get occasional FTE with Fiocchi. I will ALWAYS have several Bersa Thunders!
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    Re: To dispose of my 383 DA or not to ...

    Welcome Precept,

    The 383DA requires a magazine that has a slightly different shape than other models. (note: I have not found an aftermarket 383DA magazine that will work properly consistently.)
    Also, original 383DA mags are extremely hard to find.

    Most of your problems appear to magazine related.
    The broken "safety latch" can be replaced with one from a model 383A, which can be obtained.

    That said, I agree with mitchr's assessment.

    regards jab

    note: If you decide to keep it Wolfgang can probably help you.
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    Re: To dispose of my 383 DA or not to ...

    sounds like the makin's of a country song

    you might do well parting it out over time, meanwhile pick out a nice new model from current production

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    Re: To dispose of my 383 DA or not to ...

    I own a 383A, and I would get a newer one If mine started having Issues.
    I think I'd still try fixing myself, as stated previously parts are available



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