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Thread: Bersa Model 23

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    Bersa Model 23

    Here is a shot of my Little Bersa All Steel Model 23 in Satin Nickel! I have had this little pistol for about 25 years! Imported by CMI, Shoots great, wore out one trigger spring, had it serviced. Changed out the wood grips for some new black plastic ones a while ago. No Safety lock! !! Not marked FIRESTORM! DSCN5236_zpsxpb97wf6.jpg


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    Re: Bersa Model 23

    Welcome to the club Sgt......
    It sure looks like a Firestorm.... I guess its the age?

    Edit: Okay, now I see the finger rest on the trigger guard.... look like a bersa.
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    Re: Bersa Model 23

    Welcome to Bersa Chat Sarge.
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