I have bought several different calibers of bulk ammo from LAX ammunition - 38 special, 357 mag, 44 special, 44 mag. I have only shot it from handguns until recently. About 3 weeks ago I took my Rossi R92, 44 mag to the range with some LAX ammo to sight in a scope. My results were disappointing ... I was all over the paper and hitting 10 - 12 inches high at 25 yards even with the maximum adjustment to the elevation. I'm thinking the gun is crap, the scope is crap .... or possibly the ammo is crap. When I got home I found the scope rings were a bit loose on the rail so I figure that could explain being all over and even being high. But I decided to order up some ring shims to help the elevation adjustment.


Back to the range yesterday and shot without the shim kit and the elevation set midway. Still high so the shims went in. Much better with the elevation but I was still hitting all over the paper with the LAX ammo running 44 special.


I'm thinking, "What's wrong with me .... I can't dial in a scope with 30 rounds of ammo!"

I tried a few shots with the LAX 44 mag and all I accomplished was bruising my shoulder - I didn't even hit the paper!

Fortunately I brought out 20 rounds of Hornady 225 grain LEVERevolution ammo. Here were the first 3 shots at 25 yards.


Put out a couple of targets at 50 yards and here are the results:



So my take is that the LAX ammo is crap or in the best case it just isn't a good match for the Rossi. I guess the LAX is going to be for SD workouts in my revolvers.


Here is a picture of the Rossi with the scope mounted. AIM 2 - 7 magnification and pretty long eye relief.