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Thread: Good Advice

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    Good Advice

    An elderly couple were in church.
    The wife leaned over and whispered to her husband, "I just let out a long silent fart... what should I do?"
    The husband replied, "Replace the batteries in your hearing aid."
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    Re: Good Advice

    That'll be my parents, when my mom gets around to picking a hearing aid.
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    Re: Good Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by John_R View Post
    That'll be my parents, when my mom gets around to picking a hearing aid.
    For all we know, that could have been Marty & Mitchr. But Mitchr was too afraid to say it !! Edit: I am going to go hide with my welders mask on now..
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    Re: Good Advice

    I heard a similar one.

    An old woman goes to her doctor and tell hind “doctor, I have constant gas. They’re silent, and they don’t smell, but I cannot stop passing gas!”

    The doctor provides her with a prescription and tells her to come back in a week for a follow up.

    A week later the old lady comes in, furious. She exclaims “I don’t know what you gave me! My farts are still constant, and still silent, but now they smell like death!”

    The doctor replies “now that we have your sinuses cleared up, let’s get you fit for a hearing aide”


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