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Thread: Fiber Optic Front Sight for P1 MK12

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    Fiber Optic Front Sight for P1 MK12

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to replace my front sight (only) on both my P1 and P11 MK12. I have seen commentary that suggests that if I use part # GP16FOR (from the GP website), it will be a height mismatch with the factory rear, which would throw off the current point of aim and impact. These pistols are very accurate so I am not wanting to mess with that. Do you know of a front sight that would work? (p.s. I did see a video of a guy using a CZ FO sight, but I didn't catch the SKU#) Thanks!


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    Re: Fiber Optic Front Sight for P1 MK12

    call Wolfgang the fiber optic sight doctor


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