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Thread: Disassembly slideshows by p-t-max

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    Disassembly slideshows by p-t-max

    Here are some links to some slideshows I've posted on Photobucket. These were originally posted on the old Bersa Talk website before it went down.

    BT380 takedown
    This will work for the Thunder 32 and the Firestorm 22, too.

    BT380 7 round mag takedown
    This will work for the UC and HC mags, too.

    BT380 DLX mag takedown
    This will work for the Thunder 32 magazines, too.

    Bersa UC/HC takedown
    This takedown will work for all the Ultra Compacts and the High Caps, too.

    BT/FS 22 Magazine Disassembly Tutorial

    All of these topics may be viewed at p-t-max's Library found here
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    Re: Disassembly slideshows by p-t-max

    Members, There is a trove of information on Jack's (p-t-max) Photobucket site. Many of these are questions asked over and over on Bersa Chat. He has a photo tutorial to cover much of what you ask here. It is a safe link.

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