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Is it starting ? Auto rifle ban ?

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    Re: Is it starting ? Auto rifle ban ?

    Originally posted by Rev_Les View Post
    I third that.
    Man I wish I hadn't lost my rifles I bought to replace the last ones in yet another boating accident!

    All kidding aside, the dems know this crap won't pass, but they'll be dragging this out until midterms to try to score points and fire up their voter base, or we'll have yet another conviently ( for them) timed tragedy for them to parade around and say "Look, Rebublicans caused this".
    Never let a crisis go to waste.

    The lefty-snowflakes will beat this drum until they yank the 2A and start confiscating - under some pretext - all weapons, then Heaven forbid, that another real Hitler would come to power and start mass genocide. Those little snowflakes would wish upon all the stars in the heavens that they had weapons of equal or greater lethality than that rogue government has...