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What to Fear? Robots or Humans Behind Them

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    What to Fear? Robots or Humans Behind Them

    Through the wizardry of CGI and robotics, people who rely less on common sense and more on their sense of sight can be made to believe practically anything. Show dimwits a movie of things apparently real and they will shuck what is real and line up with whoever made the movie.

    Bosstown Dynamics makes this point in their parody video about a robot that can replace soldiers. Boston Dynamics, who has engineered some pretty good but less threatening bots, was their troll target. Some viewers were taken in, but others with a more realistic spidey sense knew there was a man behind the curtain.

    See the video and it's easy to understand how some can go nuts over this kind of visual manipulation.

    Now read the story from Bearing Arms on how that technology might be used to trick some in the 2A crowd into surrendering without a shot.

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    Won't let me view the video unless I agree to put up with their ads, but I saw the movie "Terminator" & I suspect it's a rerun of that movie. Anyway, our benevolent leaders in DC say they can't afford $5 Billion to build a wall to protect this country from terrorists, so I doubt they have the money for an army of million dollar robots.
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      The robot is real with a little bit of video wizardry in the cuts. You can knock the crap out of it and it will recover (Most of the time pending circuitry damage.) As far as the shooting goes it was staged, not hard to do today. What I see is yes we will have robot soldiers, cops, etc. The thing that scares me is the AI involved. Lots of SiFi movies on this exact subject show how easy it is for AI to take over the system. Once multi-computer AI systems place checks and balances on robotic engineering another system checks the first and this is where the trouble starts.

      Let us take Microsoft Corporation's Windows 10 platform. Since the inception of Windows 10, we have had many updates to the software, WHY, because it was flawed! And still is.

      This company among others are now in the AI business, do you see where I'm coming from, are you starting to get scared, YOU SHOULD BE!
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