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Maryland may get there (kicking and sceaming)

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    Maryland may get there (kicking and sceaming)

    Recently the Maryland legislature quietly added classes of people who could apply for CC.

    Personal safety - having multiple reported instances of threats
    Business owners depositing more than $3K at a time over 6 months. (hope you didn't have a bad week)

    They added:
    Non-profit Security team (Churches). Limited to home->church->home only
    Employees or contractors holding a minimum of TS clearance.

    Finally I qualify and am in the process of getting my CCP.

    Good news. At last they seem to be taking some small steps toward being a free state.
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      Our church was offered free shooting a local range and 30% off ammo for the security team members. We only have about 20 regulars in attendance each week--and about half want to sign up.
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        Congrats......Things have changed in Maryland since the 60's. I was in school there 67-69- Calhoon Marine Engineering school (Baltimore- downtown). There were 2 students there that asked permission to have a gun in their dorm room. They were allowed! One was 19 and the other was 22 or 23. Both from out of state..... but that was then. There are even pics of them in the yearbook playing with their guns.
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          I think they should add people who are fishing to the list. That's the one thing I dislike about going to Garrett County, MD to trout fish. I can't carry my sidearm. Fishin' is good though.
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