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Crime Lab Makes McCloskey's Inop Pistol Operable

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    Crime Lab Makes McCloskey's Inop Pistol Operable

    Proof positive that the Democrats can fix something....but still screw up.
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    My problem with this whole thing is she was not trained in the use of firearms and the brandishing of firearms. Her husband on the other hand kept his rifle at the ready at all times. She had her finger on the trigger and was pointing it at the approaching protesters. This isn't right, and brandishing laws are written in states against this exact scenario.

    If I ever have this happen in my neighborhood, I will secure the house, be armed and ready for an illegal breach of my "castle" I call it a castle because I live under the castle doctrine rule of my state that covers my home and my car.

    All this has done is to fuel the liberal media on bad white people with firearms, they don't say a word about the threat of a mob invading the community. Remember all protest, even the riots today are deemed as the good cause. any intervention by the public or the police is portrayed as wrong.
    Basically, illegal is good if it benefits the progressive agenda and helps fight Trump's re-election.

    Any way you look at it the nation is being held, hostage.
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      Since hearing that both were liberal lawyers & fans of BLM, I've been considering the conspiracy theory that it was a staged event, merely to illustrate their agenda that guns in white peoples' hands are bad. They are lawyers, so should know the state's "Castle Law".

      On the other hand, we've heard that gun sales are going thru the roof & liberals are included in the buyers. I figure most of them don't bother to get any training on safety, handling the firearm, etc. & don't know about trigger safety.
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        I would agree with RC with the exception of brandishing as i think that part was in a grey area for a civilian. When an angry mob is trespassing and approaching or you feel your life is in immediate danger then brandishing isn't an issue. But if the mob is in retreat or non threatening or a life isn't in danger then brandishing may be uncalled for. As RC points out, at what point would two trained police officers have brandished their weapon in that situation? ...probably different than the couple did.

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          Thanks for posting this ❤️