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Commiefornia HiCap Mag Ban Blown Up

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    Commiefornia HiCap Mag Ban Blown Up breaks the sad news to liberals by:

    (1) Putting a Ruger Model 10-22 photo in place of the AR-15 that everybody knows is the whole idea of having a ban in the first place.

    (2) Saying that they are going to fight the ruling tooth and nail.

    (3) Reporting that only the western U.S. is affected by the decision. Usually, when some looney lib judge makes a decree, the whole danged country should shut up and obey.

    Place yer bets, guys!
    Never give the devil a ride. He will always want to drive.

    Well, good news for now. Hopefully it will be upheld and the stay will be removed.


      I would never expect that to happen in Komiepornia.
      Certified Armed Infidel



        Kenneth Lee - Appointed by Donald Trump
        Consuelo Callahan - Appointed by George W Bush

        Elections do make a difference. We need to work on all the new gun owners to help them understand that the gun they just purchased to protect their family from the riots and anarchy that has erupted this summer could be taken away by a Biden Administration.