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The CorBon DPX Story

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    The CorBon DPX Story

    I need to update some old information on this forum that is no longer a fact.

    That is CorBon DPX being a Barnes X bullet. That was true but sadly no more.

    Peter Pi the founder of CorBon worked with Barnes for years developing the X all copper bullet. He had a contract to sell this bullet to CorBon who at that time moved to Sturgis, SD. Well, all was well until the big bad wolf Remmington bought out Barnes Bullets lock stock and barrel. Then turned around not wanting competition with the X bullet refused to sell CorBon. Peter Pi was devastated but took all his cash to develop his own CorBon DPX and make it even better. Well, it turned out without the cash flow needed it bankrupted CorBon. CarBon went into receivership and a new company purchased it. The jury is still out on this new CorBon and they have come out with DPX generation 3 with a tighter truncated cone and serrations on the outside, not just the inside.

    I had great respect for Peter Pi as Micheal T. did, it's always sad to see a small company get eaten by a large one. I guess you can call it business. Let's hope the new DPX lives up to its predecessor.
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    Wow, never let a good thing alone. Gotta fiddle with it until you screw it up.


      There's a drawing of their new DPX bullet on their website here:

      I'm no bullistician, but those external cuts look like they might improve expansion. The .45 ACP slug looks good in their video, but that was made four years ago.

      But I'm wondering if there's still old stock available at stores or online vendors or has that supply dried up.
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