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Reloading 380

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    Reloading 380

    by BuckKlier on Fri Jan 31, 2020 6:36 pm

    Has anyone reloaded 380 with 115 grain Hollow points? if so how did it work out? I know in my 357 the POI is higher with heavier bullets.

    No answer yet? Surprising, but someone should be along with thoughts on it. I'm not a reloader, but I do remember someone mentioning some .380 pistols having cycling issues with the 105 gr ammo that Freedom Munitions offered. Mine didn't, however.
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      i've never loaded any 380 over 95gr IIRC, here's a good thread on the subject,

      important point is seating depth vs ogive in relation to the case mouth, especially with HP's


        From the books I use, the window is too small to safely load that heavy a bullet for .380. I guess that's why they make a 9mm gun.
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          Don't do it, Just my opinion.

          You could work up a safe (single shot) cowboy load using Trail Boss. Seat a 115 gr hp in an empty case and mark the spot on the outside of the case where the base of the bullet is. Take an empty case mark the depth on the outside and fill it with powder to the mark. Then remove a fraction, about 10% of the powder. Weigh the charge, this is your safe load but keep in mind it WILL NOT cycle the slide even on the new EZ slide firearms.

          My estimate is a velocity of between 400-500 fps (ballpark) Now it might work on a red-eyed Chupacabra.
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