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Filling Them Little Beauties Again

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    Filling Them Little Beauties Again

    It's been so long that I've been at the reloading bench, I'd almost forgotten why I got the setup anyway. In the fat times I had bought a few thousand primers and enough jugs of powder that I thought I'd never shoot it all. Then Covid came knocking at our door and I feared I'd never shoot at all. Thank God for His mercy!

    So, It was great to throw my legs under the table again and begin reacquainting myself with the ammo mill. It's surprising how much you forget. It's not like getting back on a bicycle. If you make a mistake on the two-wheeler, you might get by with a skinned knee. A brain hiccup here can be much more debilitating.

    So much to re-learn! I watched a few YouTubers trying new things and was surprised at what they thought they could get away with indefinitely. They're playing around with all kinds of combos. Makes you think that they need a cancel culture for reloaders rather than for political wonks. I saw this meme the other day and it brought to mind what some of these crazy Alfred Nobel-wannabes would do next:


    So I blew the dust off my dog-eared copy of Richard Lee's Modern Reloading and started discovering again what makes sense. I also recovered my stash of Red Dot recipes that RC had shared long ago and started workup ladders for new guns I had acquired since he blessed me with the confidential notes. Don't ever throw away your homework!

    So after cleaning and de-capping about a quart of brass, I started jamming those precious primers into the glory holes. Soon I was back to gleefully pulling the lever on a new batch of 9's.

    This is my idea of a free press.
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