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Posting of KARMA on Bersa Chat

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    Posting of KARMA on Bersa Chat

    Here is how to run a KARMA on Bersa Chat.

    1, Get permission to run a KARMA from any Mod. or Admin. We must approve the KARMA give away.

    2, In the thread post a closing date as well as add a 48 hour time limit notice for the winning bidder to pm you with contact information.

    3, Put a line on the bottom of the post, "This KARMA has been approved through Bersa Chat by _____" (the name of the Mod.or Admin. who approved it)

    4, Before you select the winner, mass PM all the mods to ask the thread to be LOCKED, who ever is on line at the time will lock the thread.

    5, Once you see the thread is LOCKED start a new thread announcing the KARMA winner stating they have 48 hours to pm you with contact information. The mods will leave the winner announcement thread open for replies.
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