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Failure to Fire - Thunder .22

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  • mitchr
    AllI can think is to get some brake cleaner in the spray can & using the nozzle that comes with it, spray into the firing pin hole. If you see any black stuff coming out the back of the slide, keep doiing it until that clears up. Could be some of that goo they ship them with in there gumming it up. It's not difficult to get the FP out of the .380, but I've not tried it on their .22. If that don't help, may need to send in for warranty.

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  • dxmiller
    started a topic Failure to Fire - Thunder .22

    Failure to Fire - Thunder .22

    Sorry if this has been addressed. Took my new (but cleaned and lubed) .22 to the range, and experienced a failure to fire nearly every mag, with Golden Bullets and Mini-Mags. My BT380 and my wife's have always functioned flawlessly, so I was surprised. Its action cycled well, feeding and extracting & ejecting perfectly. Twice a second pull of the trigger fired the cartridge; other times, not. Another .22 semi-auto (Walther Colt 1911) using the same ammo had no such issue. Before my next trip to the range, any suggestions?