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Holster for Firestorm 22 6"

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    Holster for Firestorm 22 6"

    I have been a fan of Hunter Holsters for a number of years and recently went looking for a couple to fit some of my other guns. I ran across a size 1100-2 in a discount bin for $10 so I picked it up in hopes that it would fit one of my Ruger Mark pistols. Close but no cigar. It did, however, fit my Firestorm 22 with the 6" barrel with just a bit of play, about a 1/2" up and down. Out of curiosity, I tried it in my size 1100-24 which is made for the Ruger Standard 4 1/2" and it is a perfect fit. As for the #2, turns out that one is a perfect fit for my Heritage Roughrider with the 6 1/2 barrel so it was a win, win.

    Firestrom 22rs.jpg

    Firestrom 22brs.jpg

    The slide on the Firestorm is a Nickel one I recently picked up from Eagle on sale for $40. Had to remove the front sight from the slide and just filled the hole with solder, turned out nice. Now it matches all my other Firestorms.

    I don't think have ever seen a Bersa/Firestorm with an extended barrel like that.
    Does that barrel come out of the slide?
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      Win, win, win and another win! Thanks for posting hb.

      Bro, I am fortunate enough to have a Bersa with a 6" barrel thanks to our former member Bronson. He tipped me off that his local gun store had a used one in the case so I called quickly, purchased on the phone - sight unseen, and made the drive to Battle Creek.

      The barrel is threaded and the front sight unscrews and the slide comes off as normal. Hit the Easy Button!


        This one came up on Armslist a few years ago and the seller was an FFL so he shipped it to me along with a Stainless Volquartsen compensator for a Ruger Mark bull barrel, one of his other items. By far one of the best deals I ever made as the gun is every bit as accurate as my Ruger Standard. I had only ever seen one of these before at a local gun show where a local shop had a well used one which was priced a bit too high for me. This one ended up costing about $50 less including the bonus compensator and was in near new condition. It even came with the box and all paperwork to boot.