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Bersa 383da - weird magazine issue

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    Bersa 383da - weird magazine issue

    I picked up a 383DA and 2 mags from Triple-K. I'm experiencing a strange issue: if I insert an empty mag, and press the magazine release with the slide locked back, the magazine ejects positively. However, if the slide is forward and I press the magazine release, the mag is stuck and not removable.

    When it gets stuck and I retract the slide, I can see that the internal part of the slide catch is getting stuck under the follower.

    If the slide is locked back, the slide catch is in a higher position, relative to the top of the gun, so it is not getting caught by the follower.

    I hope the explanation makes sense, but if not let me know and I'll post a picture.

    Re: Bersa 383da - weird magazine issue

    It sounds to me that the internal part of the slide catch may be worn/broken allowing it to slip below the follower.

    OR, the follower on the magazine doesn't reach far enough to lift the slide catch. (possibly because of the aftermarket magazine). I've experienced Triple K mags for the 383DA that would not lock back after last round.

    One possible solution may be to replace the slide catch.

    OR bend the ledge on the follower to engage the slide catch more positively (this depends on the design of the follower.)

    OR remove part of the follower so it clears the internal part of the slide catch which will prevent last round lock back.

    Hope this is helpful. regards jab
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      Same issue here.. until I picked up a used mag from an auction site. Original Bersa magazine... It does not fit... but... the long and short of it is that triple k mags have a defect in providing an opening below the slide catch in the front of the magazine. I ordered a pro-mag after-market mag which does not have this flaw. The original Bersa mags and the pro-mag after-market are closed on the slide catch side, with a rounded feed ramp not allowing the catch pin to jam. 20 hours of futzing before I figured this one out. I have not tried the pro mag magazine yet, but when it arrives, I will update. The triple K mags will all cause these problems in the 383a and DA. Hope this helps!


        And.. the pro-mags don't fit either... so... I am back to retro-fitting the triple Ks. I am going to try a brass insert to add depth to the bottom of the follower plate in the front. Custom cut and fit. I will let you all know if it works and post details if it does... or if it blows up... well... ;)


          Wishing you good luck!