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Safe to use this slide on Bersa 383 DA?

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    Safe to use this slide on Bersa 383 DA?

    My safety broke off and my front sight post fell off my Bersa 383 DA at the range two weeks ago (bought the gun used almost a year ago). Luckily, I ordered parts on EveryGunPart a few days prior. I couldn't find any blued parts, so I ordered nickel ones instead. However, once I took apart the slide to clean it, I found that the firing pin channel had a crack at the end of it. Would it be safe to use this slide on my 383 DA? Rather not have something blow a few fingers off.
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    Pretty good photo with that "crack" being in a hard to shoot place. I blew the pic up. It does not look like a crack to me, but some other kind of defect. Bad metallurgy perhaps. Too thin a material left over when the firing pin channel was drilled and the metal blew out the side of the channel due to forces from the slide slamming back and forth. You have had this pistol for a year and it is an older model. It has likely performed fine for form, fit and function with this defect all this time. But a detailed inspection is warranted. I do not see a way to easily relieve any stress points on that defect either, such as stop-drilling or rounding the ends of the defect with a file.

    I would look over the entire slide with a 10 power loupe and look for other defects. If there are any, I would lean immediately towards finding another slide. The other thing to do is to have the slide inspected by a competent gunsmith and gather his opinion. A picture only tells me so much.

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      All excellent advice from TuxAir.

      Note: a 383A slide will fit just fine on your 383DA.

      The only difference between the 383DA and the 383A is the magazine well shape (in the grip area of the frame) and the magazine shape itself....the 383DA has a rounded front opening and mag whereas the 383A has a squared front (with rounded corners) opening and magazine.... all other parts will interchange and work just fine.

      I have never seen a factory "two tone" 383DA or, it is possible for your gun to be a 383A with a 383DA replacement slide.

      Left mag = 383A
      Right mag = 383DA

      383DA vs 383A.jpeg

      Good luck.... jab
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        Thanks for the replies and sorry for the delayed response. I've been busy the past couple days and couldn't type out a reply until now.

        Anyway, I'd like to clarify a couple of things to flesh out my situation more. TL;DR at the bottom.

        Originally posted by TuxAir View Post
        You have had this pistol for a year and it is an older model. It has likely performed fine for form, fit and function with this defect all this time.
        Originally posted by pollyb View Post
        I have never seen a factory "two tone" 383DA or, it is possible for your gun to be a 383A with a 383DA replacement slide.
        The pistol I have is a blued Bersa 383 DA. The serial number on the frame and slide match so there's no doubt about that. I shot the gun for a year using the blued slide without issue until recently (issue addressed further down). The reason I have a nickel plated slide results from incompatible parts (see the various attached pictures). The two tone aesthetic is only incidental to my goal of getting my gun fully functional again.

        I purchased a parts kit from EveryGunPart with the intent of using these parts if a problem were to ever arise with my pistol. The blued parts kit was out of stock, but the nickel plated parts kit was available and so I bought it. I assumed that the parts were interchangeable since they were the same model pistol, but as the attached pictures show, I was wrong.

        There were various small difference between certain parts that rendered them useless when used interchangeably (ex. the nickel plated safety, firing pin, and extractor failed to fit in my blued slide). I thought this wouldn't be a problem because I could just replace the blued slide with the nickel plated one I got online. However, I found a defect in the firing pin channel that seemed like a crack (new photos showing this better attached). This put me back to square one with no usable slide for my 383 DA.

        Why couldn't I use my blued slide again? Because of other reasons not pertaining to the broken safety and lost front sight post (although these reasons are enough since I almost cut my thumb open racking the slide at range on the day it broke). My second-to-last range visit resulted in my 383 DA having two FTFs (one double feed and a regular FTF) in just 50 rounds of shooting. I reasoned that the FTFs resulted from a weak recoil spring, and after browsing this forum, I decided to purchase a Bersa 383 A recoil spring to replace the old recoil spring my 383 DA came with at the time I bought it. Unfortunately, I believe this new spring damaged my blued slide. I don't have pictures of the blued slide before I used the 383 A spring, but I did provide some that show how it looks now after shooting 50 rounds with it. Using the 383 A spring seems to have "battered" (don't know the proper word to describe it) the blued slide, exposing bare metal and slightly distorting the shape in certain areas. While the blued slide still looks like it could be used, I decided to hold off on using it just in case I want to sell my 383 DA in the future with its original slide.

        I have the nickel plated slide on my gun just so I don't get dust accumulated in the internals while I sort out this situation. As a place holder of sorts since I wouldn't try firing the thing with the condition the nickel plated slide is in.

        As a side note, I theorize that the nickel plated parts failed to fit my blued Bersa 383 DA because the nickel plated parts kit came from an earlier production pistol. The serial number on the nickel plated slide is 10XXXX while the number on the my blued slide is 15XXXX. I don't know whether this theory holds any water, but I'll throw it out there.

        If you've made it this far, then thanks for reading. If any questions remain, don't hesitate to post a reply and I'll respond ASAP.

        TL;DR: My gun is a blued Bersa 383 DA because serials match. Stuff happened that resulted in me not being able to use the original blued slide. The nickel plated parts I bought online don't fit the blued slide; the nickel plated slide has a defect that prevents me from using it. I keep the nickel plated slide on just to prevent dust accumulation on internal parts. Nickel plated parts maybe don't fit because they are from an early production 383 DA. If you have any questions not answered in the post, then reply and I'll respond ASAP.
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          Pictures Part IV
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