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How long would a Thunder 380 nickel finish last?

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    Re: How long would a Thunder 380 nickel finish last?

    Does the "gunsmith" in question also sell Bersas? Sounds more like a sales pitch than a statement of an actual fact.
    They will last many thousands of rounds and keep on ticking. There are quite a few members of this forum who can attest to that fact. Even thought the frame feed ramp is aluminum, remember that is only copper or lead which is contacting it. I've worked on many, many hundreds of Bersas and have NEVER found a worn-out frame ramp (plenty that had been damaged by Dremels + lack of skill/knowledge, though). Other parts can and do wear out, but not the feed ramp. I definitely advise against the use of any steel case bullets.
    The Bersas have a lifetime warranty for the original owner, so keep that in mind when you state the guns are "so bad in quality, that they do not last more than 1 year or 1000 rounds". No company could have that sort of warranty and at the same time be of very poor quality; they would quickly become bankrupt.
    Also, you can't just replace the frame, "the lower part of the pistol". It is legally "the firearm" and would require an FFL and 4473 background check to get a new one. Basically, it's the same as getting an entirely different firearm from a legal standpoint.

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    Originally posted by Tirador View Post
    I bought my Bersa thunder 380 last June 2017. I have shot about 450 rounds and noticed that the feed ramp has suffered a lot of wear, and I was afraid that the bullet wouldn't go through. I sent the gun to Bersa for repair and the gunsmith from Bersa told me that the wearing was very normal and that the feed ramp was not stainless steel, but Aluminum. I told him that it seems that the gun wouldn't be able to shoot 1000 rounds in total, before it breaks. He told me that it is common that Bersa Thunder only last 1000-1500 rounds and later on, I have to discard the gun and buy another new Bersa Thunder or change the lower part of the pistol. If I had known that the lasting life of the gun was so short, I never had bought it, since in the long run is far cheaper to buy a Beretta 84fs, a Sig 238 or 290rs, or even a browning 380.

    I cannot complaint that Bersa has been an excellent pistol in the first 450 rounds, but know I know that I have to replace it very soon!!! The materials the gun are built are so bad in quality, that they do not last more than 1 year or 1000 rounds, whatever it comes first.
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      Re: How long would a Thunder 380 nickel finish last?

      Originally posted by boomerguy View Post
      Your gun cleaner will affect any nickel finish. For cleaning theBersa, do not use powerful solvents such as Hoppe’s #9 on the slide. It is too harsh and can remove the finish. Also, do not use gun oil because it can cause build up. Instead, use a “CLP” all-in-one (Cleaner/Lubricant/Preservative) such as Safariland’s Break-Free. Finally, after thoroughly wiping it down, some of us who are really OCD will spray some compressed air (the kind you blow a keyboard off) after cleaning to make sure it is really dry.

      Since I bought two Bersa thunder 380 (one for my wife and another for me), I started cleaning the 2 guns with CLP Break Free and I noticed that the damage in the ramp did not progress more in my gun, and my wife's gun ramp has not deteriorated since I changed HOPPE's # 9 and HOPE's oil for CLP. My damaged gun has gone over 1,500 rounds already and my wife's gun is over 1000 rounds with no damage to the nickel of the ramp. I still believe that Bersa Thunder 380 is not designed for the long run, but without using the solvents it could last 5,000 rounds, I hope.

      Excellent advice, my friend.