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Small backup to the Thunder and Thunder Plus?

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    I won't wear levis & the watch pocket in them must be larger than Wranglers. The muzzle of my P938 (smaller than a Thunder) won't go in my watch pocket.
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      Originally posted by tarheelcracker View Post

      BTW for you folks who wear genes with a watch pocket a la Levi's. That watch packet can accommodate anything from a Baretta Pico to my Bersa Thunder Plus and most particularly my Bersa Thunder CC and you can dispense with holsters all together. For me, the position is quite good for concealability and strong hand access. But the best thing about it is - you just forget it's there, that is before you need it.
      That is a serious watch pocket. I can maybe fit a watch in mine. Unless maybe yours are like a Tardis or something...
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