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So what Bersa do I have?

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    So what Bersa do I have?

    So bought my first handgun I chose a Bersa for a couple reasons but really am new to the lineup

    My issue is that I had thought I purchased a Bersa 380 thunder combat that is what the auction site said and title
    So while waiting for it to ship in from across the country I ordered a finger rest mag
    So I get the gun in and the mag I had purchased was already in also it is factory mag
    I go to try it it out and themag safety button won't set
    I posted on Bersa chat and got some great help but being Pissed because the new mag won't work I contact the seller of the mag and they say I have a Bersa 380 cc?
    So wtf is going on?
    Was the seller of the gun listed wrong?
    Is there both a bersa combat thunder 380 and a bersa Thunder Combat cc
    I uploaded auction pic
    Gun pic
    And mag package
    Now I have a mag I can't use?

    Any help appreciated

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    You have a Bersa 380 Thunder Combat.

    The magazine you are having trouble is a faulty production magazine. It is missing the safety connect/disconnect tab on the lower right side. Your supplier is the only one who can make it right by replacing it.

    p.s. see your PM's

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      thanks for the help
      really like this chat forum hope to be able to contribute instead of asking for help soon