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    Re: Trigger Reset

    Originally posted by BroJer View Post
    Mitchr, that's called "shooting from the reset" and is a common triggering technique taught in police firearms training programs, especially with DA/SA trigger systems like the T-9 Pro. You simply hold the trigger hard back against the stop after every shot and ease the trigger forward until you feel the reset and pull again, gripping the gun very tightly.

    You can practice shooting from the reset by dry firing with the aid of a friend, and need not burn up expensive ammo learning the basics of the technique. Using the process I was taught in a POST police firearms instructor training class, you simply clear the pistol, including removing any empty magazines, point it in a safe direction, assume your normal shooting stance and hold the pistol in your normal two hand hold. Then you dry fire the gun and hold the trigger all the way back against the stop after each shot.

    Your friend, standing to your left if you're right handed, puts his right hand over the back of your shooting hand and wrist to brace the gun, and then recycles the slide for you with his left hand. Your hands remain in perfect firing grip during the process, gripping the gun very tightly. Then he withdraws his hands and you fire again from the reset, and so on. In this way you can learn a much more effective technique of single action trigger control without burning up a single round, and it doesn't take more than ten pulls dry firing like this to get the hang of it.

    The Bersa Thunder 9 Pro has the best reset I've ever seen except for the Smith and Wesson third generation guns, and the Bersa is hot on their heels. It's even better than my prized CZ 75 and 85, which is saying a lot and really impresses me. Hope this helps you.

    I agree on the reset being one of the best I've ever felt. Haven't tried the S&W newest gen but their Chief's Special Auto( which didn't sell well) also performed nicely that way, I just couldn't afford one that long ago.