Hi all. I wanted to see how those who have a TPR45C rate it. I am considering buying one but since I haven't been able to find one to shoot I'm just wondering as objectively as you can how you feel about it, good AND bad. I was also considering the new Springfield XDE and ATI 1911 mid size, but I'm leaning towards the bersa. I have the 9mm version and like it and would be nice to have the same platform. I have a S&W 4516 that I like a lot (for comparison) but its waaay too heavy and on the big size for me to really want to carry it anywhere. It stays home for home protection. That said 1911s are on the heavy side too plus no matter how much I enjoy shooting them I can't seem to get over the whole cocked and locked mental hurtle yet. This would be more of a cross country travel, hiking, camping, and hunting back up piece where I feel a 45 would be better suited than a 9. I spend quite a bit of time in forestry and blm. I really don't want to add a new caliber to my little inventory so 45 acp is as big as I want to go. I really like hammer fired and lean towards DA/SA for carry. I like the more intuitive safety of the bersa over the 4516. How does it shoot compared to an M&P compact? I know that's not a hammer gun but i've shot one before and can use that for comparison.