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Random da after first shot

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    Random da after first shot

    So I bought my Thunder 45 UC Pro used about a year ago or so. I've put several hundred rounds through it, maybe 1000+. Usually I shoot Winchester white box or independence.

    Lately I've been experiencing an issue. After firing the first da shot, I get random da shots until the magazine is empty; meaning the hammer will not always stay cocked back in sa mode after the first shot. Sometimes it will, but other times the hammer does not stay cocked back.

    Anyone else ever experience this issue? Have any ideas?


    Welcome LoganK. My firestorm .380 had that problem, but it was new. I talked to our resident warranty 'Smith about it & he suggested I remove the decocker & examine it for a burr that was possibly catching as the slide cycled & flipping the decocker down. Turns out that was it. Since the .45 is a bit different & not expecting a burr to develop on a used pistol, I don't know, but wouldn't hurt. Another thing, just make sure you aren't hitting it with your thumb during recoil. Through use, it may have worn until it's pretty loose & easy to flip, so just not becoming an issue.

    Wolfgang is listed in our Warranty sub forum & is good about helping us work thru DIY fixes. Listed here as "The Gun Doctor".
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      I'll definitely check it out. The first thing I thought, was "what am I doing that I can eliminate?". The decocker is fairly stiff and takes some deliberate force. I would think it would stay up unless I flip it back down. Still though, it can't hurt to make sure again.



        I feel like my sear spring isn't staying in its proper place. On the bright side, I'm learning how each mechanism work and getting real familiar with taking the gun apart and back together.