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What's with the new grips???

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    What's with the new grips???

    I used to own a bersa uc9 pro and a standard model as well. I miss them but when I was shopping around..... The grips look way different.

    can any body comment on this change? Is this still the old reliable pistol I remember?

    Welcome to Bersa Chat. That must be the new TPRC which replaced the UC9 & the TRP replaced the HC9. Those that have it really like it. Takes the same mags as the UC9, but I don't know if there is anything else common.
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      Its just weird looking at it. Everything else is identical as far as I can tell, but those grips.... It went from a nice purchasing thumb knotch to ... Plain flat and kind of weird striped thing.

      I don't get it, what reason would they have to change it. Are they slimmer on the base because they lost the bulge???


        And they took away my finger grooves. Ahhhh, I bet it's new management... Its always something like that. Take a perfected model and penny pinch down the production costs.


          If there is virtue to the new design let me know. I don't want to keep feeling sour about it. I was originally aiming to get a 380 plus, but I just miss my old uc9 soo much I wanted to get one again.

          9mm is a good high cap caliber without alot of sacrifice. It sure was a brick though. That's why I was thinking of the down size to the 380. Could easily have clubbed someone with that sharp edge on the trigger guard, LOL.

          I just can't get past loving DA/SA either. There aren't many good (break the bank) options out there out side of DA only or SA only striker fired pistols. I was weaned on DA/SA so I'm more than partial to it. I looked at a taurus design..... I want something that I can count on to work thank you very much.


            I do not know for sure?....but what I hear is that the grips on the TPRC are more slim than the older UC. Function should be the same.

            You speak of striker-fired guns not being an option. If you think you would like a striker gun in DA/SA? Look at the Canik TP9 DA model ~$350.
            Its a full size duty gun with an 18 round mag. 9mm. It has a DA/SA trigger that is great out of the box- no tuning necessary. These are excellent shooting pistiols. There are 3 basic models -the SA, SF, and DA. Then there is a slightly smaller version the SF Elite, and thew larger competition version the SFX.
            They are ALL SAO except the DA. They all have probably the smoothest, lightest, single action trigger on the market- including the DA model.

            Now, with all that said.....if you believe you would have liked the 9UC- I am sure you will like the TPRC.
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              brojohn is steering you right. I have both the Bersa UC9 (with the finger grooves, thank the Lord) and the Canik TP9 Elite. They are both keepers and both shooters. I carry both with confidence.


                I've looked at the cabin as a house pistol and with you guys recommendations I may consider it again. From my experience the Bersa UC9 was a bit heavy for a carry gun. Doable, but not ideal.

                I'm in the market for both a carry and a house pistol. I am seriously considering the 380 plus as the carry pistol. I got into 9mm originally because of magazine capacity and I don't buy into the bigger is better caliber argument.

                I'm starting to feel more and more confident in the 380 caliber as time goes on. For the house 17-18 rounds of 9mm would make me feel pretty well armed and don't think 15 rounds of 380 would make me feel much worse in reality. Something bigger than a hand gun would be in order at that point.

                Ill have to scratch my head over it a little more. Maybe the beer craze will lift and wrapping my mits around the three will become more realistic soon.


                  Cabin = Canik stupid auto corect


                    Originally posted by Kcirtap ecreip View Post
                    And they took away my finger grooves. Ahhhh, I bet it's new management... Its always something like that. Take a perfected model and penny pinch down the production costs.
                    Designing out grooves to reduce production costs is a ridiculous premise and Bersa doesn't deserve to be on the receiving end of it.

                    The Thunder Pro Redesign (TPR) is anything but an attempt at penny pinching or borking a perfect model:

                    2018 New Gear and Guns: Eagle Imports Bersa TPR Compact Pistol

                    Polygonal rifling. Now there's some penny pinching. :)

                    Judging by the deluge of all the new high-tech pistols in the past year or so, finger grooves have a fallen out of favor.

                    That said, I'm approaching 1000 rounds through my TPR9C and the grip is just super duper peachy dandy. And the trigger, both SA and DA, is among the very bestest I've ever pulled on an out-of-the-box semi-auto loader.

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