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Low ignition on first six shots

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    Low ignition on first six shots

    I'm new to this forum and joined because I love shooting BP revolvers. My favorite is a brass frame 1858 Remington. But I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I use my 1858 for home defense. I shoot pyrodex pellets with 141 grain ball with #11 magnum caps and over the powder wad. I shoot it once a week to keep the charge fresh. But when I fire it it doesn't have the power that it should. It just seems to be pushing the ball out instead of firing it out. I usually fire thirty rounds each time and never have a problem with any shots after the first six. When I clean it I use BP solvent usually Hoppe's sometimes Thompson Center. I never oil the cylinders and before I load it I let it sit for about an hour after cleaning. Then I run three clean, dry patches in the cylinders. But I'm still having issues. I just want it to have the power it should in case I ever needed it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Welcome Jimremington. I'm not a black powder person, but someone should be along that can help.
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