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    Common Abbreviations

    I'm posting here , thinking it might be easier to find.

    2A 2nd Amendment
    ACOG Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
    ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
    AD Accidental Discharge (see also ND, negligent discharge)
    AE Action Express
    AF Alternative Force
    AFAIK As Far As I Know
    AI Ackley Improved
    AOP Assault on Principal [exec protection]
    AOW Any Other Weapon (zip guns, other non-standard small-bore firearms)
    AWB Assault Weapons Ban (part of the 1994 Crime Bill) [legislation]
    BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
    BB Bull Barrel
    BBL Barrel
    BC Ballistic Coeffecient
    BG Bad Guy, or Big Grin
    BHP Browning Hi-Power
    BMG Browning Machine Gun
    BOB Bug-Out Bag (or "Go Bag")
    BOHICA Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
    BP Black Powder; Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
    BUG Back-Up Gun (second or third gun carried in case the primary malfunctions)
    CC Concealed carry
    CCW Concealed Carry Weapon (license)
    CHL Concealed Handgun License
    CHP Concealed Handgun Permit
    CIAO This is not an acronym. It's Italian for "bye."
    COD Cash On Delivery
    COM Center Of Mass
    CONUS CONtinental United States
    CPL Concealed Pistol License
    CQB Close-Quarters Battle
    CQC Close-Quarters Combat
    CRISAT Cooperative Research Into Small Arms Technology
    CRPA Certified Royal Pain in the A--
    CUP Copper Units of Pressure; a method of measuring chamber pressure, most common with shotguns
    CWP Concealed Weapons Permit
    DA Double Action
    DAO Double Action Only
    DARFC Duck And Run For Cover
    DD Destructive Device (generally bombs and large-bore weapons)
    DOA Dead On Arrival [police]
    DPS Department of Public Safety (most states have them)
    DVC Diligentia Vis Celeritas (latin for Accuracy, Power, Speed)
    EBR Evil Black Rifle
    EDC Every Day Carry
    EDP Emotionally Disturbed Person [NYPD]
    EIN Employer Identification Number
    EO Executive Order
    ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
    ETA Edited To Add (Internet speak)
    ETS End tenure of service.
    FFL Federal Firearms License or Licensee
    FOIA Freedom of Information Act
    FPS Feet Per Second
    FTE Failure to Eject
    FTE Failure to Extract
    FTF Face to Face (referring to non-FFL-mediated gun transfers)
    FTF Failure to Feed
    FTF Failure to Fire
    FTLOG For The Love Of God
    FUBAR F---ed Up Beyond All Recognition
    FWIW For What It's Worth
    FYI For Your Information
    GC gas check; a copper-zinc alloy cup used as gilding to protect the base of lead bullets from hot gas obduration during internal ballistics.
    GD&R Grin, Duck, & Run
    GF GirlFriend
    GFSZ Gun free school zone
    GG Good Guy
    GI Government Issue
    GMT Greenwich Mean Time (timezone, equivalent to Zulu/UTC)
    HAND Have A Nice Day
    HBAR Heavy Barrel AR
    HCP Handgun Carry Permit
    HD Home Defense
    HDC Home Defense Carbine
    HMG Heavy Machine Gun
    HSLD High Speed Low Drag
    HSO Handle for a moronic Moderator on the best firearms boards around (Health & Safety Officer)
    HSP Highly Sensitive Person
    HTH Hope That Helps
    IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
    IBTL In before the lock, or In before thread lock
    IDLE International Date Line East
    IDLW International Date Line West
    IINM If I'm Not Mistaken
    IIRC If I Remember Correctly
    IMHO In My Humble Opinion
    IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
    IMO In My Opinion
    IOW In Other Words
    IRL In Real Life
    IWB Inside WaistBand
    JBT Jack Booted Thug
    JMB John Moses Browning
    JMO Just My Opinion
    JSP Jacketed Soft Point
    KB Kaboom
    KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
    KWIM Know What I Mean
    KYPD Keep Your Powder Dry
    LDA Light Double Action
    LE Law Enforcement
    LEA Law Enforcement Agency
    LEO Law Enforcement Officer/Official
    LGS Local gun store
    LLEA Local Law Enforcement Agency
    LMAO Laughing My A-- Off
    LMG Light Machine Gun
    LNIB Like New In Box, usually means the item looks new but has been lightly used (see also NIB)
    LOL Laughing Out Loud
    LOS Line Of Sight
    MG Machine Gun
    MIM Metal Injection Molding
    MOA Minutes Of Angle (angular measurement, 1/60 of a , 360 in a circle)
    MOB Middle Of Back
    MOS Military Occupational Specialty
    MV Muzzle Velocity
    NAP Non-Aggression Principle (and criticism)
    ND Negligent Discharge ( see also AD, accidental discharge)
    NIB New In Box, usually means the item has not been used since bought, but can also mean LNIB.
    NOYB None Of Your Business
    NSFW Not Suitable/Safe for Work (inappropriate content for the workplace - video with profanity, for example)
    OAL OverAll Length
    OC Open carry
    OMG Oh My God
    OOTB Out Of The Box
    OP Original Poster
    ORM-D Other Regulated Materials - Domestic (seen on boxes of shipped ammo)
    OT Off-Topic
    OTOH On The Other Hand
    OWB Outside the WaistBand
    PASGT Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops
    PBR Point Blank Range
    PCS Permanent change of station
    PDW Personal Defense Weapon
    PHB Pointy-Haired Boss (Dilbert reference, a boss without a clue)
    PITA Pain In The A--
    POA Point Of Aim
    POI Point Of Impact
    POI Person Of Interest
    POS Piece Of S---
    PSI Pounds per Square Inch
    PT Physical Training
    PTL&PTA Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition
    QC Quality Control
    REMF Rear Eschelon Mother F---er (derogatory name for a non-combatant in a combat zone or a military occupational specialty that would keep one from seeing combat)
    RINO Republican In Name Only (usually a rightwingnut calling a moderate Republican a leftwingnut)
    RKBA Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    RUM Remington Ultra Mag
    SA Single Action
    SAA Single Action Army (famous Colt revolver design that shows up in Westerns)
    SA/DA Single Action/Double Action [Firing Mechanism]
    SAK Swiss Army Knife
    SBR Short Barrel Rifle
    SD Self Defense; Sectional Density (weight [lbs] to cross-section area [in^2])
    SHTF S--- Hits The Fan
    SKS Samozaryadnaya Karabina Simonova, or Self-loading carbine Simonov. Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov was one of the old Soviet Union's foremost arms designers. The rifle was adopted by the USSR in 1945, and was made both there and in China.
    SLR Self-Loading Rifle
    SMG Sub-Machine Gun
    SNAFU Situation Normal: All F---ed Up
    SO Significant Other (boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife)
    SO Sherriff's Office
    SOB Small Of Back (6 o'clock carry)
    SOP Standard Operating Procedure
    SOT Special Occupational Tax license (administered by the BATFE)
    SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics
    SxS Side by Side (i.e. a shotgun)
    TDY Temporary duty
    TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
    TIA Thanks In Advance
    TID Tax ID number
    TLA Three Letter Acronym
    TMI Too Much Information
    TNSTAAFL There's no such thing as a free lunch
    TPTB The Powers That Be
    TTW Taunting The Wookie (someone known to rip arms out of sockets when inflamed)
    TU Tits Up (military origin, meaning dead; often spelled phonetically as "Tango Uniform")
    URL Uniform Resource Locator
    UTC Universal Time Coordinate (timezone, equivalent to Zulu/GMT)
    VCA Violent Criminal Assailant
    WSM Winchester Short Magnum
    WTSHTF When The S--- Hits The Fan
    WWB Winchester White Box (ammo)
    WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
    YMMV Your Mileage/Methods May Vary

    Buying and Selling

    FTF/F2F Face to Face (transaction)
    SPF Sold Pending Funds
    WTB Want to Buy
    WTS Want to Sell
    WTT Want to Trade

    Bullet Design

    AP Armor Piercing
    API Armor Piercing, Incendiary
    APT Armor Piercing, Tracer
    BBWC Bevel Base WadCutter
    BT BoatTail
    FMJ Full Metal Jacket
    FP Flat Point
    HP Hollow Point
    J Jacketed
    JFP Jacketed Flat Point
    JHC Jacketed Hollow Cavity
    JHP Jacketed Hollow Point
    JSP Jacketed Soft Point
    L Lead
    LRN Lead Round Nose
    LSWC Lead Semi-WadCutter
    LWC Lead WadCutter
    RN Round Nose
    SJ Semi-Jacketed
    SJHP Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
    SP Soft Point
    SWC Semi-WadCutter
    TC Truncated Cone
    TMJ Total Metal Jacket
    WC WadCutter
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