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    .38 sucks!

    Was just watching a new cop's show, The new one that has all lady cop's. They arrived at the scene where a guy had been shot in the head, side and hand with a .38, he was smoking a cigarette and telling them what happened. He told them he was wrestling with the perp at point blank range and getting shot!!!!!! Would love to know what ammo that BG had.
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    Yes, yes, because everyone knows that one undefined, uncontrolled and TV viewed event proves the point for every situation.

    I'd still rather have a .380 than a .22 and a .22 than a stick.
    "...too little penetration will get you killed."


      Yes and that under sheriff in OK shot her self in throat while cleaning her glock with a 40S&W she was sitting in chair holding pressure on wound and smoking when EMT arrived Pistols are not the power house movies make them out to be neither are shot guns that blow people 10' back wards Its BS when my father was shot he wasn't even sure he been shot.
      Still boils down to shot placement
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        Plus, I don't trust what you see on those so-called "reality shows" either. :) Do cops actually take camera crews around with them everywhere they go?
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          Oh yeah..I forgot to mention that the BG also shot himself and they caught him at the hospital. True MT about shot placement, remember about a year ago when that kid 8 years old, killed his father and friend with a .22.
          You are nine meals away from Anarchy...


            There is no more truth in "advertising." Most of these shows just seem to make stuff up as they go. Hopefully we will never have to find out what a 38 or any other firearm can do.


              the guy may have been shot, but a shot that grazes you is still considered a shot i guess.
              save your brass, i'll take it!!

              brass and ammo donations accepted.


                survives the gun shot wounds, only to kill themselves with cigarettes


                  Originally posted by zhsgolfcoach View Post
                  There is no more truth in "advertising." Most of these shows just seem to make stuff up as they go. Hopefully we will never have to find out what a 38 or any other firearm can do.
                  .38's?.... We already know what it can do.. It's been doing it for over 100 years and you sure as hell dont want it done to you!


                    Speaking of .38 sucking, here is an article where a fool commited suicide, but had to shoot himself in the head 2 times with his .38. He must have really wanted to die.

                    here is a link

                    An excerpt..After escaping from an Alabama jail on March 23, Justin Joseph Williamson vowed to never again be incarcerated.

                    "He told us he was going to kill himself if he was caught. He didn't want to go to jail," said his girlfriend, Stephanie Leanne Hill, during a tearful interview Thursday.

                    As it turns out, suicide was Williamson's final act. He killed himself Wednesday in Room 7 of Dunnellon's Two Rivers Inn after an hours-long standoff with law officers.

                    Williamson's prior threat of suicide was among the new details to emerge Thursday. Among the others:

                    Authorities formally announced the manner of death. Williamson, 31, shot himself in the head twice with a .38-caliber handgun.
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