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    WHAT A GIFT!!!

    Got an email saying my order would be delivered today. So when I got home from delivering my grandchildren back home there was an Amazon box on my doorstep. HooRay, even though I didn't remember or thought maybe my wife had ordered. Opened it up---Wow a HD Video Recorder 1080P with attachable microphone. Really pretty nice and in a Gift package saying This gift is for you---Guess Who xD.

    Checked with the wife and she hadn't ordered it, checked with the Son-In-Law because he had gotten one recently and I thought well he may have gotten a 2 for 1 price and had it shipped to me. Nope. Not him either. Checked with my Shop-A-Holic Brother-In-Law. Not him either.

    Now I'm worried and signed onto Amazon. Went to "My Orders" No video cameras. Put the order number in from the amazon receipt. BAM, there it is. Guess how it was paid for? Yep by my saved credit card. Contacted the chat line and requested a call from Customer Service.

    Very nice agent agreed that this was strange and filed a compromised account notification with the security and fraud office who will arrange for a new account and I will sign on with new password and email. Customer service said she would send an email with a return label and as soon as I turned in the package, the 113.00 would be refunded to my account.

    3 minutes later, I got a call from Amazon Customer Service verifying an order for a 80.00 Printer cartridge. Heavily Indian accented voice agreed to cancel the order after being informed of these facts above.

    What I can't figure out, is why send me a video camera instead of changing the address to be able to intercept it? Was this just to yank my chain? Color me Confused



    Wow, but people buy accounts and credit cards all day on the deep web. But to send the card holder a gift is very unusual. Not meaning to alarm you but hopefully they were not trying to get your location.


      Good bloodhound work, Bill.....maybe I should have tried it on mitchr instead.
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        Something similar happened to Marty a while back. A woman showed up to claim the item, saying the shipper made a mistake. She got real upset when Marty said she was returning it. I guess the woman thought Marty was stupid enough to not check her credit card account & would just hand it over. I would hope that any time someone used my credit card on line & tried to get it shipped elsewhere, that the bank would question the transaction.
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          Maybe they were planning to snatch it off your doorstep before you did. Which would mean they know where you live, and if they checked your order history they know what’s in the house.
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            Are your BIRDS starving? AMAZON snafu in Arlington Texas.

            It's easier for Amazon drivers to drop their packages in one spot, It saves time.

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              Was that -"the case of the dumb crook"? hah! Never heard one like that before.

              However, recently about 2 weeks ago my debit card got hacked. It hit at the worst possible time- end of the month when my acct was very low on funds. Luckily some of my larger bills are due around mid I squeaked through. Of course- lost my debit card in the deal- waiting on a new one to arrive.
              It took 12 days to get refunded.
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                Best to change all your other online passwords as well. Sorry this happened to you.

                In memory of our Founder, Michael T. June 15, 1946 - February 26, 2017.


                  The scammer missed the pick up. My wife goes into our accounts everyday to see if what has happened in the account. We've stopped 3 scammers and have had to change our cards and passwords because of it.
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                    this is why i have my bank account and credit card alerts set to send me a phone text message when ever a charge is over $1, dollar.

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                      I use a re loadable card and only put $$$ on when I need it, I add exact amounts. I have everything shipped to my office that way there is always someone to receive.
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