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    Originally posted by PHMadness View Post
    The Flying J in Wells NV has to be a contender.
    My theory is it's the water. They use the same coffee and the same machines as every other Flying J, yet it's undrinkable. Doesn't matter if it's old or fresh. Not that other Flying J's have great coffee, but it'll get you down the road. Not that swill. Blech.
    Well PHM, So you didn't write them a bad review? LOL, I just did it for you!

    F J.JPG

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      Water can really make a difference. We started using bottled water in our Kuerig because they were going out too quickly & we suspected it was the water supply. 'Course, you don't realize how much water you're using 'til you use it out of gallon jugs. For the price of water over a year, could buy a new pot every year! The coffee tasted so much better, we've continued with it.
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        Now if you could just all the plastic out Kuerig pods and delivery system you might have something. After a little reaserch my wife ditched her Kuering.


          Nothing like my black rifle coffee. After all, black rifles matter. I like the AK, SS, and a couple others. I grind the beans myself to a medium grind for my kurieg I like a dark roast and most of their coffee is dark roasted. When out I like most of our community coffees. Lately the local McDonald’s has had pretty good coffee. In my defense the mcd’s is close and I’m so cheap these days. In my driving days I loved the old union 76 coffee. Now they are TA,s. Anyway my 3 cents worth.
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            I read a couple of good things about Community Coffee here so I decided to get a bag of their House Blend. I notice that the community it's made in is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Should I expect a whiff of seafood and Tabasco sauce? I wouldn't mind that so much but depending upon where the House is located, I might get a sniff of ExxonMobil crude oil or Dow chemicals instead.

            From what I read in the news lately, I'm glad Community Coffee isn't made in Baltimore. I can only imagine what that would smell like according to Trump's appraisal.....which is why I'm staying clear of Maryland Club, too.
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              I drink very little coffee so anything is fine.
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                Think of this the next time you're tempted to diss my experimental joe.

                Never give the devil a ride. He will always want to drive.


                  Never give the devil a ride. He will always want to drive.