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Time to clean out the freezer and pantry....

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    Time to clean out the freezer and pantry....

    With the situation we are now in- I have decided to intentionally pick the oldest items we have and use them up first. The freezer is full and the pantry is over-loaded. We have some stuff stacked on kitchen floor.

    Well- I pulled out an older turkey from the freezer a couple days ago to thaw- it just went into the smoker. I'm gonna try to get rid of older stuff.
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    In normal times, I am usually good for 3-4 weeks of food for 4-6 people. I also tend to buy meats and other often used things in bulk. I have been rotating my stores for a long time. Even my kids have picked up the habit when the put food away. Not for any particular reason, perhaps because of my job and the chemicals I work with, I date and label everything that goes in the freezer using a sharpie, placing the newest items on the bottom or the back of the freezer. Same thing for pantry foods. Oldest stuff gets moved to the front.
    Despite the Covid-19 panicdemic and most people going bat crap crazy at the store, we have not changed our eating and cooking habits aside from preparing smaller portions of meat, particularly chicken, in our meals. Regular replenishment trips to the store, timed just so, keep my stores up.

    On the bright side of the stay inside-social distancing thing, I have more time to come up with dinner ideas and have been bringing back fun twists and old favorites to the table. For instance, last night I tweaked a potato side and made some awesome hasselback potatoes. Everybody raved about them. A simple thing really but a bit time consuming in a busy household that doesn't like to eat late.

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      Yeah, all of a sudden we have lots of TIME on our hands.
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        Have any of our members tested positive for Covid-19? For our age level, it is too dangerous.

        We're trying some of our survival foods. Goooooooood stuff. Had a great taste treat last night. Lentil burgers. I have powdered eggs and powdered milk, flour eggs and yeast give us great bread. Hope I can find enough time. So much to do, so little time to do it.

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          I've always dated my frozen goods. cooking brined pork loins tonight.
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            Well folks- that darn turkey was goooooodd. I made a big pan of gravy to go with it, the wife made some dressing, cooked some creamed corn and butter beans.....gee whiz.....I am stuffed.
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              This stay at home crap has got to end and NOW.

              I got no more excuses for not doing stuff around the house.☹☹

              Damn I hate painting

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