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I voted for DT but

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    Re: I voted for DT but

    Originally posted by Hammer1270
    Nope,,, Tank - Woop Woop,, Pull over,, Hammer - Bahahahahaha,,, Twin Turbo,, all I gotta do is take my foot off da brake,,, Catch me if you can....
    The tank might not catch you, but.....

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      Re: I voted for DT but

      You might be ok. We might only get the Special rounds and not the Magnums.


        Re: I voted for DT but

        Originally posted by Hammer1270
        I am totally against militarization of LE,, I believe that we should provide adequate training, good body armor and weapons that even the playing field but no more than that.
        Military is not the same as LE.. Military is geared to protect against an enemy, kill, overwhelm, adapt and fight.. LE is to protect our citizens and solve criminal cases,, two different jobs that require different equipment,, I see no need for LE to have tanks and weapons designed for war,, we are not at war here and I am not the enemy... There are many cops that are not fit for the job,, I do not want them in a tank driving down my street....... Old school cops carried a .38sp and a baton,, no radio,, they got the job done and hardly ever drew their weapon or called for back up.......
        This ^^^.

        The most vicious gangs etc do not have tanks, MRAPS, grenade launchers, or predator drones.

        Heavy armor ie tracked tanks etc have only one use. A Waco like siege or other such atrosity against American citizens.
        Tanks, mraps, and the like are to slow to deploy to be of use for anything else.

        LE, Fed, State, County and local have over the years proven their superiors do not have the training nor but bluntly the judgement to possess such equipment.

        NYC, Waco, Dallas are just a few examples.
        Beyond body armor, helmets, or other protective equipment that can be worn on body, LE should not have access to explosives, heavy caliber weapons, grenade launchers, tanks mraps etc.
        As I said before until Dallas most hadnt thought of le using a robot to deliver a bomb.
        After they have done so, recklessly, with only officer safety being a concern, certainly not public safety those should be removed also.
        You dont have to believe a train is coming to be run over by it.