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How To Build A Steel Target Stand

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    How To Build A Steel Target Stand

    Shooting at steel targets is fun. You can hear the bullet's impact..Clang, Gong, Ring, depending on the metal thickness and the bullet used. Using orange marking paint you can see where you round hits very easy. You can sight in a rifle just by using a marking pen and mark it with a black dot, the bullet impact is easy to adjust doing this.

    If you can't weld a local welder can do this cheap. Here is how RC did it and you can too.

    For each stand you need:

    20" of 1/2" square steel bar stock
    10" of 1" x 2" hollow steel stock
    20" 1 to 1-1/2" of angle iron bed rails work for this.
    11' of conduit.
    2ea. 1/4" x 3" bolts with nuts. for stand
    2ea. 1-1/2" x1/4 " bolts and nuts for attaching target to the chains.
    1" link by 1/4" thick chain about 3'
    You pick the steel either round Gong or official silhouette targets

    This is the base that holds the conduit stand. Note I sharpened the ends to go into the ground easier. You use your body weight to press down on the angle iron to get it set into the ground.

    This is the stand after bending the 11 feet of conduit, Note the conduit is bent again at the bottom to bring close the the base dimensions. You then need to flatten the last 6" of the conduit slightly so it enters the hollow base. The conduit bottom dimensions are about 5" wider than the base so you hand flex it into the base, this creates enough tension to hold it in place. Don't worry you can flex conduit easily

    From the top center you want to drill 2 holes for 1/4" bolts about 11" apart. The bolts long end sticks up to hold the target chain. The chains are always bolted to the targets, you just slip them over the stand bolts at the range. This is much easier than eye hooks below the conduit because you can adjust the target height by what link you throw over the bolt, it doesn't need to be the top link!

    Here is the finished conduit placed in the base.

    Lets throw on a .22lr 50 yard silhouette

    Now a 45 pound hunk of steel I shoot my 45-70 government .

    I have five of these stands I can set up all over the range, the photo below is one full set up and two more without the base. I took this photo so you can see the bottom conduit is wider than the base, this is the flex I was talking about to keep them in the base.

    Now if you want to shoot paper targets remember this base is made with 1 x 2 hollow stock...Guess what 1x2 wood fits in it perfect, take some of those plastic campaign signs from the Dem's and use them to bridge the 1x2's then staple up the paper targets.

    Questions PM me.

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    Re: How To Build A Steel Target Stand

    Most excellent RC.. And your welding looks better then mine. Thats why I have People... Welders....

    Thanks for a great post!


      Re: How To Build A Steel Target Stand

      I'm In!

      Please ship to:

      45 Ammo Lane
      Spruce Pine, NC 28777

      Very nice targets, R.C.! Great Job
      “Big bullets let in a lot of air and let out a lot of blood.”
      Elmer Keith


        Re: How To Build A Steel Target Stand

        One thing I forgot to mention by using hanging steel targets they deflect the bullets down, a big thing for range safety!
        In memory of our Founder, Michael T. June 15, 1946 - February 26, 2017


          Re: How To Build A Steel Target Stand

          That is of course when we hit the damn target!


            Re: How To Build A Steel Target Stand

            Very nice. Thanks for the How To DIY
            Don't worry about the guns, send lawyers and money.

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              Re: How To Build A Steel Target Stand

              Think I might have to make a couple I might just know some contractors with scrap steel that would work much did your targets cost and what size conduit did u use.
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