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newbie here, what is a good holster for Armed Guard use w/380 Thunder?

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    newbie here, what is a good holster for Armed Guard use w/380 Thunder?

    I'm somewhat confused by the terms "paddle holster" and "in pants"(no jokes please).

    Can the typical "paddle holster" be used outside OR inside pants?

    Yes, I'm aware most Armed Guards carry a somewhat larger gun as concealment isn't an issue and is in fact prohibited.

    The sheet that came with my gun from Eagle Imports offers a Houston paddle Holster for $19.95.

    They also offer what seem to be FACTORY 380 Thunder mags for $26.95 which is cheaper than anything I've seen on Gunbroker where they want $40. Maybe Bersa finally brought prices on mags down to norm?

    Anyway, what is a good, cheap holster that would work for Open Carry as a Armed Guard/Mall Cop?

    PS-Before anyone gets any ideas, I'm not planning to use the little 380 as duty gun because I'm a chick. I'm a 250+lb construction worker getting ready to semi-retire and thought I'd start with a nice cheap Bersa and because I wanted one anyways.

    Why I'm I thinking of getting into the private security/mall cop biz when I doesn't pay 1/4 of what construction does?

    1) My bod is starting to feel its age in day in-day out 'real work', AND my Union has all sorts of rules about "non-covered work" which means I will lose a lot of pension if I work in anything remotely 'construction' which seems to be anything except aircraft or medical field.

    2)With all the cuts in police depts in bankrupt CA cities, with increases in crime only expected to get worse, I figure it is a no brainer. If I heard that cities were going to make drastic cuts in the Water Depts and that lots of residents were going to be "looking for options" while their NEED for additional water was also increasing, well, THAT would be the biz I'd be looking at jumping into.

    Remember in Godfather part1 when after the cops had rounded up all of body-guards at the hospital Tom shows up with some LEGAL guys and "These men are lic. by the State to carry firearms, if you interfere....."

    Re: newbie here, what is a good holster for Armed Guard use w/380 Thunder?

    Ber, welcome to Bersa Chat! The paddle holster is an outside the waistband holster. (your belt goes between the holster and paddle) I have one for my HC Thunder9mm and really like it. I think it would suit your purpose.
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      Re: newbie here, what is a good holster for Armed Guard use w/380 Thunder?

      As an open carrier and a holster maker I think I can be of some use.

      For what you are describing I would avoid a paddle holster. As a security guard part of your job will be to put yourself in the middle of situations that a bystander carrying a gun could avoid. In those instances I don't think a paddle holster offers enough security for the firearm. My recommendation would be for a leather belt slide holster with a retention strap. The holster will be firmly and securely attached to your belt and the retention strap will make it harder for someone to remove the gun from the holster. On that note if you're going to openly carry your firearm seek out instruction in weapons retention techniques because I'm pretty sure the security company won't give you any or if they do it will be pathetic. The retention strap only makes it difficult for someone to take it, not impossible.

      Unfortunately your choice of holsters that meet my recommendations are pretty slim. Normally I'd say go to Nate at UBG Holsters but he doesn't do retention straps and he's too busy to do custom orders. So in this case I'd say contact Tim Start at High Desert Leather. Tim is a friend of Nates and gets the custom referrals from him. I would say something like his basic PUMA with the $18 thumb break (retention strap) added....just look in the "add extras" tab. There are other makers out there that could put a retention strap on a holster for you but you're probably going to end up paying a lot more for it.

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