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    hello everyone! newbie here from manila, philippines

    ultra compact pro .40 for CCW

    Re: Newbie

    Welcome, I think we have three of you guys from the Philippines now. One from Cebu and another from Legazpi, go to the Philippines section and tell us where you live.
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      Re: Newbie

      Welcome to Bersa Chat.
      UC .40,Hmmm! I think most of our .40 owners here, have the H.C. You may be a first.
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        Re: Newbie

        welcome to BERSACHAT !!! hold on with both hands for the flight here !!
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          Re: Newbie

          Welcome to BC !
          Those 40uc's are just now showing up in the US -- though it was available earlier as the FireStorm mini40.
          Great caliber too -- more power, more weight than a 9, and more punch than a 45 to make up for being a tad lighter !
          Have fun -- good to hear from you
          Enjoy the new pistol -- shoot safe !
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            Re: Newbie

            Hi marui63t and welcome to Bersa Chat.


              Re: Newbie

              welcome to the ride. watch mason he sneaky will steal you gun and hide in fridge behind milk.
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                Re: Newbie

                welcome to the form good friends great info here
                if you can read this thank a Teacher
                if it's in English thank a VET