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    Re: France

    Originally posted by Pond Scum View Post
    I am suprised you can even own guns..... England and Australia are much worse than France.
    Please, don't compare England to the rest of Europe...
    UK is a monarchy with laws made by a "Court of Lords" and laws they make will only be applied to the queen subjects but not always to those who write laws.

    Funny article about UK, you will not believe it..:

    ""A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said the bullet had been put into safe storage, and CID had confirmed it was not thought to be connected with any incident currently under investigation""

    UK ban> Pre-Ban ; Purple>Post-Ban

    This country is the shame of occident about liberty & please, don't compare it to the rest of occident...

    In the rest of Europe, you can have fun and practise shooting, hunting, ect.
    I've what we call the "European Firearms Pass", it's a card every gun owners from Europe can get (just have to ask) and with that card you can transport your firearms to another country for example if you want to practise shooting outside your country or I don't know.

    You will find gun owners all around Europe (except in the UK where guns are reserved for criminals) and most of laws are close to the french ones (with some differences).
    Differences by country:
    Spain: The 7,62x39 is prohibited, carry laws like CA.
    Belgium: Full-auto is possible to get (for Collector Card Owners); carry laws better than CA (nevertheless hard..).
    Italia: 9x19 is only for the Police, if you want a 9mm they buy a 9x21, carry laws like CA.
    Czech Republic: CC laws like Florida :) (no castle doctrine).
    Swizerland: Best ever! Almost like america. CC laws were unrestricted until 1999, now it's harder but I think they will step back soon (they had a votation). You can even have your full auto assault rifle on the back to go to the range!

    Some picts from Swizerland (the safer country of the world):

    Originally posted by Pond Scum View Post
    Keep fighting to protect what you have and keep from getting stricter laws.
    Yes, you're right. It's the reason why we have created a new association 'cause eveywhere in the world we have some antigun politicians and we have to take care of that kind of danger.

    Originally posted by Pond Scum View Post
    We are very fortunate here .... some states are bad but the trend it to make it easier for law abiding people to own and carry handguns.
    Yes, you're lucky, your laws are the laws of a real democracy..and the 2nd Amendment does exist for a reason.

    In France we do not have a 2nd amendment but since the revolution, "hunting" is a right, it's maybe why we all have someone who practise hunting in our families!

    Don't forget the symbol of the french revolution of 1789, this painting ("La liberté guidant le peuple"):

    About your carry laws, it's really something I would like to have!!

    I would like to share this little video to make fun of stupid antiguns people!!

    It's about Gun Free Zone in the US. At my last coming in the US (last month), I heard that it's about to change and that Texas does not want Gun Free Zone anymore
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      Re: France

      Benjamin Franklin recruited the best French soldiers and a large amount of financial aid during our American Revolution. It is a fact we could not have won our Independence with you guys. (The White Coats) You made it possible for us to start a new nation and when you were under the Nazi occupation we came to your deliverance on D-Day, June 6, 1944 in Normandy. That's how it should be. It's too bad the younger generation in both of our country's as a whole don't understand what I said here.

      I have spent over six months between Scotland and France and have some life long memories I will always enjoy.

      Bonne journée

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