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    Anybody own an SU-16? I'm thinking about one for a Christmas present (If I can find one). The purpose would be the capability to take a 556 platform in a backpack or in a BOB. I'm not looking to dress it up to compete with a full fledge SHTF AR platform..I would likely keep it bare bones.

    Re: SU-16

    The SU-16C has long been on my wants list. I think it would make for an excellent truck or bug-out long gun.


      Re: SU-16

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2014-12-21 12.10.11.jpg
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ID:	599331I know this is an old thread, I just wanted to show off mine.

      I love my SU16! I really didn't care for my AR. The SU16 is a piston style rather than gas impingement. SNIP That (removed) statement will get you in fast trouble on this forum. I don't own a Kel-Tec pistol, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one when the opportunity arrives.
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        Re: SU-16

        I have no trouble out of my 2 AR's I pull trigger they go bang till mag empty. Screw the Commies and their dam AK's They break and jam also Their not perfect If so good how come on battle fields of world They loose when fighting Troops armed with the current version of the M-16 system . The AK is over rated It a cheap made weapon for use by illiterate people . and that includes majority of Soviet Military .

        Buy more of their junk and ammo Support a country that has said will destroy America. Always buy commie instead of American . My self I keep that trash out of my home and still believe only good commie is a dead one. That are not our buddies . They are the enemy and rebuilding While NATO and our military are being down sized and weakened ..Thanks to the current coward in office.
        Rant off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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          Re: SU-16

          Interesting looking rifle. That "integrated bipod" looks fragile to me. Too much plastic for my taste, but if you are happy with it that's great.

          By-the-way welcome to the forum dagwood.
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            Re: SU-16

            Just a reminder to the new members. Bersa Chat doesn't allow post about the AK vs. the AR or AR vs. the AK or poop where it eats type post. If you love your AK then tell us all about it and we welcome your contribution, Same with your AR.
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              Re: SU-16

              I wasn't comparing the 2. Only gas impingement versus gas piston.

              Btw, kel-tec is a 100% American company. There are a lot of companies making gas piston AR's, and they are going for more money than the gas impingement models.

              The kel-tec su 16 is a much more affordable alternative.

              Michael T. You took this to a dark place. I wasn't intending this to be a political discusion.

              It is quite possible that the AR I had was not a very good one. The next one I have will be one I build myself.