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    Blade Steels

    Some thoughts on blade steel, of which I know pathetically little, and some comparisons...
    ...there are a few steels that offer surprising performance for less than their competitors. Don’t be fooled by 154CM or S35VN or M390–these are great steels, but they are pricey for the performance you get. Some lesser known steels give you a ton of bang for your buck.
    High Value Steels–Getting Top Shelf Performance on the Cheap

    Re: Blade Steels

    Only thing I can say about steel and knives is I have a knife that was crafted from a leaf spring back in the mid 80's. I traded a dozen deer antlers to an old timer for a knife he spent a couple of weeks laboring over. I tried to pay him also but he refused. When I pointed out he had spent about two weeks time on the knife he laughed and asked me how many weeks did I spend hunting all those deer. He figured he was the one who came out ahead even before I left him a bottle of bourbon.
    Knife holds a good edge but I don't use it now. Just want to keep it as a rememberance.