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    Benchmade Bugout


    A couple of months ago I was at my knife guys shop browsing around when he pulled a knife from the cabinet and showed it to me. It was a knife he had been getting a lot of interest in from people, but one that he had no real experience with or reviews from people he sells to. He thought I would be a good person to give it a real workout. I had some initial skepticism but after a bit of discussion, and getting a really decent price on it and a new Spyderco Cricket, my initial reason for being there, I did walk away with a new Benchmade Bugout. And unlike many, MANY other folder purchases, I have actually used it exclusively for several months, when most last only a few days. It takes a whole lot to replace my long time favorite design, probably 35 years with a Blackie Collins designed Bolt Action from one of several companies over the years.

    Lock : Ambidextrous Axis
    Closed length: 4.22
    Open length: 7.46
    Blade shape : Drop point
    Maximum thickness at the pocket clip: .42
    Handle thickness: Approx .3
    Weight: 1.85 Ozs.
    Handle material: Grivory
    Blade steel:S30V
    Carry Orientation: Tip up and clip can be changed to either side. The black clip is placed to allow the blade to sit deeply and securely in the pocket. I prefer this as I have lost a blade before that sat up higher in the pocket and was accidently pushed up or plucked out by something I brushed against.

    First impressions: Its thin, very thin and light, my initial thoughts were of doubts it would be durable enough for an EDC blade. But after two months of daily use it has held up beautifully. The black finish on the blade shows a very fine rub from being used for cutting through things like burlap, heavy plastic, and rope and from being sharpened , but that is to be expected.

    Daily use: The light weight simply disappears in the pocket and you don’t even know it is there. The changeable clip is nice because I set up mine for left hand carry. However for me, the tip up carry has been the hardest thing to get past. For over 30 years I have carried a knife in a tip down orientation. Pulling out the knife and opening it has taken a lot of practice as my rote muscle memory wants to orient the knife starting with the thumbstud upwards in the palm, now I have to get used to it being at the bottom of the hand upon the draw, a 180 degree difference which throws off my speed of opening. Its getting there… Opening when done correctly is extremely fast and smooth. And the Axis lock is very positive and strong. It reminds me very much of my old favorite Bolt Action in use. The pivot is even adjustable if you prefer to do so

    As stated it was carried daily and used for all daily chores from cutting rope and electrical cords, to opening up bags of soil and feed, and even the steak I had for dinner for Fathers Day. The steel holds a very nice edge and when it starts to dull a few laps on a set of Spyderco crock sticks put it back to hair popping shape. The drop point, spear point has always been a favorite blade shape of mine and this one is no different, its very effective, and the nice sharp point works for picking out a sliver, trust me…
    Will it remain my daily carry, well who knows, but it has done well enough that I have not yet gone back to my Bolt Action, which is better than hundreds of other blades over the past 30 years. For the time being, I just think it has a real good chance of doing so.